Hope without Expectations

I read a quote lately that said we should hope without expectation. I am really trying to ‘hope’ without expectations, but this seems hopeless (yes, the irony is not lost on me).

Hope is an interesting word and concept. To hope is to wish for a particular event that you consider possible; to have confidence; to trust and it is also listed as a synonym for expect! How do we hope without attaching our desired expectations?

When I want a desired outcome – I lean into my heart – to feel it – to see if it feels right for me at this time and if it does, I press into hoping it becomes a reality. I also believe that hope without some action is just wishful thinking. I add an element of energy moving forward – doing something in this reality to literally move mountains making my desire a reality. My actions can be as simple as saying a prayer – creating a ritual – repeating a phrase - taking a breath exhaling that desire on my breath – taking a baby step toward that goal or sometimes it is truly a leap of faith. I feel I must do something to add energy and expectancy to the desire to put it in motion.

I find as I hope – for other people – for life – for the planet – for family and friends, it’s easier for me to hope without having to attach my expectations. I find it much easier to let go of my desired outcome – my wishes and say, ‘all this or something better’. I realize that I have no idea what is right for anyone else and can only see from my filtered perspective what I think would be advantageous to them. Hoping for others, I can state clearly ‘for their highest good and greatest joy’ and step back most times. I feel I can trust life and the process of living.

When it comes to myself – the things I want to do – see – feel – experience – hoping doesn’t seem enough and I definitely have expectations for the outcomes. 

What about you? What do you hope for in life?

Do you have expectations around those hopes?

I hope to hear from you and your thoughts and ideas especially if you have insights into hoping without expectations.

Beaming you much love & light (for your Highest Good and Greatest Joy)


Misty Lucas