Introduction to MYOFASCIAL RELEASE & Yoga

These workshops will aid in recognizing physical patterns of holding in the body.  We will target major areas of the body using yoga, therapeutic essentials, conditioning movements, ball & roller work, stretches, and breath in order to release tension and stress in the fascia and muscles.


Leading an Inspired & Empowered Life

It is my absolute passion is to support and guide others on their path to leading an inspired and empowered life. Learn how to stay present, how to trust the wisdom of your own body, and how to stay heart-centered in your life and in your practice. Cultivate a new awareness and perspective and learn how every circumstance, relationship, and situation  can be a path to more freedom and joy.


Introduction & Care of the Psoas Muscle

The Psoas Muscle is a deep, instinctual muscle that holds tension, stress, and activates during our “fight or flight” response. It is considered our main hip flexor but it is so much more.  In our activated, on-the-go lives, it is in constant 'on' mode keeping us safe.  Learn about this instinctual muscle and how to stretch and release it through yoga, therapeutic essentials, and energetics both physical and emotional.


From Fear to Flying

A playful and fun workshop for working on advanced poses. Handstand, Headstand, 8-Crooked Angle Pose – everyone can play with these postures! Feel safe and supported as you learn how to take baby steps toward bigger poses.


Anatomy, Myofascial Release & Therapeutic Essentials for Common Injuries

Deepening your understanding of the anatomy of common injuries such as rotater cuff, sciatica, S.I. joints, and muscle tearing will allow you to offer tools and techniques for healing with more mindfulness. Learn about and practice specific therapeutic essentials for these injuries and more.


Anatomy, Myofascial Release & Therapeutic Essentials for Special Conditions

There are a number of amazing and beneficial therapeutic essentials that can ease discomfort for those with special conditions. Be it diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, or another condition, learn which therapeutic essentials to offer when, and gain a greater understanding of the way these tools impact the systems of the body.


LIFE STRETCH workshops

 Life Stretch class is a mobility-stretch class designed to help individuals become more flexible in mind, body and spirit.  Classes are unique and encourage individual expression of the movements with guidance and cues to enable a fuller experience from the inside out – listening to the body, focusing on breath, self-traction and building resiliency.


MYOFASCIAL Release Self Care Series

This series of 3 workshops will cover various techniques for myofascial release, myofascial stretching, yoga poses, movements and breathwork that address deeply held patterns in our connective tissue (both physical and emotional).

This series will give you an opportunity to move toward radiant health & vitality by working all areas of your body to release and heal in the best way possible. You will be given Self-Care practices to be continued at home for optimal results.

Benefits include: 

  • Reduced pain and stiffness

  • Greater Joint range of movement

  • Increased energy

  • Lowered stress and tension

  • Greater potential strength and flexibility

3 – 3 hour workshops offered over the course of 1-2 months

Workshop 1 will cover the Lower Body (Legs, Knees and Feet)

Workshop 2 will cover the Core Area (Hips, Buttocks, Back)

Workshop 3 will cover the Upper Body (Shoulders, Arms, Hands)



Injury, illness, negativity and other daily stresses can bog us down and clog up our energy.  When this happens, it slows down the rate of vibration of the electrons in your cells.   This situation leaves us more susceptible to a downward spiral both physically and emotionally.

There is an ancient tool given to humanity by St. Germain called the Violet Flame (or Violet Fire).  The Violet Flame can help us transmute anything that is dissonant or negative into a higher vibration energy.  This action can help us heal and release old patterns, ways of being and beliefs that do not serve our highest good and greatest joy in life.

Come learn about this incredible resource and share in the meditative experience of invoking and using it for your highest good.