Fascial Release & Yoga Course

This 30-hour course is open to anyone wanting to learn about their body and how to optimize strength, flexibility and balance in all physical activities, including sports and daily living. No pre-requisites required except an open heart and an open mind.

This course will integrate leading edge research, information, explorations and experiential practices to access the optimal potential available in your body. Techniques in Myofascial Release come from the approach and philosophy of John F. Barnes.

Course material covers:

  • What is Connective Tissue/Fascia

  • How to Release, Soften and Lengthen your Fascia in John F Barnes approach

  • How to Increase your Range of Movements while honouring your body

  • How to Access the greatest Strength and Flexibility possible in your body

  • What your physical patterns are and how to work with them

  • How to work with Scar tissue and Fascial Restrictions

  • How to increase Mobility Channel 3 vs Channel 5 mindsets and their effect on your Fascia

  • Self Care Practices and much more

 Dates and Times:

NEW DATES for Fall 2019:

Sat. November 23 and Sun. November 24; Sat. Dec. 7 & Sun. Dec. 8

8-9:30 am; 10:30-5:30 pm each day with a lunch break

Venue: Radiant Health Yoga, Woodstock, 473 Dundas Street, Woodstock, ON

If you are taking this Course for any Continuing Education credits/certification, you MUST attend all sessions in person.

Price: $550 + HST (includes manual)

Space is limited. Available for CEC/CEU

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Anatomy: Movement of Life Course

Can you bend over without pain? Can you squat down and tie your shoes or pick something up? Can you physically move seamlessly through your day with little or no pain?

A lot of our pain comes from unconscious patterns in our physical bodies or from old injuries that we’ve never addressed fully to heal and create a strong, healthy framework of support.

This course will give you the tools to work effectively and efficiently to address issues in the body – to intelligently bring yourself, your students and clients to greater depths of overall strength and flexibility while improving the Range of Movement through the major joints in the body.

This course will combine the vast experience of both Russ and myself, including our training and knowledge in the modalities of Yoga, Personal Training, Registered Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, Therapeutics, Fascial Stretch Therapy in a fun, experiential and practical way. You will gain access to greater health, vitality and intuitive wisdom for yourself, your clients and your students.

This course will cover Anatomy in a diverse, yet applicable way including:

-          Functional Movement for daily life in all areas of the body

- Muscles and Bones as they apply to movement

-          Fascia and Connective Tissues as they apply to movement

-          Healthy Range of Movement though all Major Joints

-          Movements & Techniques for Strengthening

-          Movements & Techniques for Stretching

-          Movements & Techniques for Releasing

-          Therapeutic Movements & Techniques for working with Injuries

-          And much, much more

50 Hour Anatomy Course geared to living pain free

Dates: 2 weekends - Spring 2020 - Dates TBA

Hours: 7-9 am; 10 - 5 pm each day

Cost: $750 plus HST (includes a comprehensive manual). $200 non-refundable deposit required upon registration. Balance due before 1st weekend.

If you require other payment options, please contact me via email.

Maximum students: 20; 10 required to run the course

Place: The Fitness Definition, 16 Barrie Blvd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 4B9

Faculty: Brenda Dowell, E-RYT1000 and Russ Hicks, RMT

Come join us for this outstanding opportunity to learn, heal, work with and move through many layers of conditioned movement in the quest for greater health. 

Course qualifies for CEU/CEC credits. If you are taking for credit, you must attend every session in person.