Yoga Sessions with Brenda



“Heart on Fire” Online Class Series

This series of 30-40 minute Yoga classes is available to anyone at every fitness level. 

This set is focused on gentle, stretch and conditioning movements working systematically through the body. Each of these classes will have an anatomical focus combined with a theme for working, playing and listening to your body.

They are meant to be used anytime – as a start to your day, as a warmup for other activities or simply as a way to stay mindful in your body each time you participate. 

Once purchased, you will be given a link to download them. Please do this within 24 hours or the link will expire. You then own this series for life to use as many times as you choose.

Please honour my costs and process by not sharing the link with anyone who has not purchased it. Thank you. 

I plan to add to the online class offerings.

Please let me know how they are working for you. Also, if there is something specific that you’d like me to offer in this format, please reach out. I’d love your feedback. Thank you.


2019 HIP SERIES - St. Thomas, ON

I have teamed up with Angie Mailhot to offer a 4-part series of 75-minute classes focused on Hip Flexibility, Mobility and Stability. Classes will include:

-          Psoas Release/Grounding/Centering

-          Pelvic Rotation Correction exercises

-          Hip Stability Band exercises (floor & standing)

-          Stretches for hips, quads, low back, groin and hamstrings (plus others)

-          Fascial Stretching, Releases & Myofascial Movements

-          Core Stability exercises

-          Fluid and static movements

-          Strengthening and isolation movements for weak areas (esp. the Glutes)

-          Relaxation and Integration time

-          PDF files sent to you after the classes with exercises we have covered giving you ‘homework’ or suggestions for working at home

Pre-registration required to hold space. $25 non-refundable deposit required.

Dates: Saturdays - October 5, 19, 26 and November 2nd

Times: 10:30 - 11:45 am

Place: Monsignor Morrison Catholic School, 10 S. Edgeware Rd., St. Thomas

Cost for all 4 classes is $120 plus HST

E-transfer, Cash or Cheques only

For registration or information: