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This site is an invitation to you – to find the tools and method you need to dive more deeply into your heart and find your way home.

I teach what I have learned & integrated into my life (and I continue to learn and grow).  I am a lifetime student constantly curious – and in that curiosity, I want to teach and give back the gifts that I have been given…with Gratitude. 

This site is set up to give information on several different modalities as tools on your path back to wholeness.  An invitation to try something new – or expand what you are doing in a safe and non-judgmental way.  It is an opportunity to explore your truth and essence through workshops, classes, trainings and other bodywork practices to awaken you – to help you find your most authentic self.

Come and ‘play’ and find your way back Home, to your Heart, through your body.




I believe in the limitless potential to heal through love, empowerment and inspiration.  I believe we have the boundless capacity to move into our lives with awareness, acceptance and compassion to find our most authentic self in the midst of all life experiences.

Do you want to de-stress and heal?  Do you want to have access to the innate wisdom and healing potential within you with which you were born?

Join me in a workshop, one-on-one session, training or even just connect to unlock the potential we all have within ourselves.




About Brenda

I am a registered, experienced Yoga Teacher E-RYT-1000 and Licensed Holistic Practitioner. I have studied in yoga, anatomy, myofascial release, fascial stretch, movement and therapeutic essentials, meditation, bodywork and other spiritual practices with amazing teachers who have had a profound impact on my life.

I am a certified-Experienced 1000+ hour Yoga Teacher and offer Myofascial Release Therapy, Lomilomi, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Life Stretch & Thai Yoga Massage in my healing business, Enjoy the Journey, based in Ontario, Canada.

I combine an intense love of life with a profound understanding of the human body and a willingness to be vulnerable into a ‘heart centered’ practice in life. I carry my philosophies into teachings – believing that I can inspire and empower others to come home to their hearts – through their bodies – creating the most incredible life experience possible.