What is your ideal cocktail or...smoothie?

I’ve been asked several times over the years what I do or what have I done to land in my life as I am today. It’s a conversation I’ve had many times with many different people and my query has always been, ‘where do I begin?’

It’s a funny thing to be asked this and yet it isn’t. We are conditioned in life to look outside of ourselves for answers. We are taught to look to others for insight, information and inspiration for our lives. While it’s okay to lean into the search for truth – our truth – by utilizing teachers and mentors – it can’t be the sole way to unravel your essence.

There is a cocktail that is right for you – unique to you. And, only you can figure that out.

Over the years, I have given away so much of my power by allowing others to make decisions and choices for me in my life. I have relied on their experiences to guide my own. I have followed some amazing and incredible teachers, learned so much and realized, their ingredients didn’t make the same recipe in my life. 

What I have come to learn is that there is a ‘right’ combination of tools (books, courses, workshops, teachers, healers, friends and family) at different stages in my growth and evolution. The greatest lesson I continue to learn is to trust myself by taking all the information and bringing it into my own experiences. Take time to allow it to sift through me – to see what resonates – what sticks – and when the dust settles, to let go of any obligation to use what doesn’t feel right to me. This makes me take responsibility for my life and my choices. It empowers me (even when decisions don’t work out as I anticipate).

Life is not a cookie cutter experience wherein what someone else does – fits your life – your personality – your passions – your purpose.

For me, I workout, do yoga, do myofascial release, dance, read, drink smoothies, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. I spend time with family and friends having conversations about life and living. I make time for fun and laughter. I surround myself with people who inspire me, whom I respect and honour. I do work that that I love – that uplifts me, heals me and allows me to grow.  I have friends and family who will help me see my blind spots – will call me on my BS and lovingly invite me to look at myself and situations differently. This keeps me humble and hungry to live full out and authentically. This works for me in my life.

So, find the combination – the recipe that fits your life – that awakens you – that stimulates you and pushes you out of your comfort zone challenging you to be your best. This cocktail will open your heart and keep you curious as you move forward in creating an expansive life experience. 

In creating this cocktail, I invite you to:

-       Stay curious – be open-minded (you just never know)

-       Be willing to make mistakes – take chances (if you never step, how will you know for sure)

-       Don’t wait for life – for retirement – for …. Whatever – LIVE now (there are no guarantees)

-       Be willing to dive in and see how the water feels (take a life jacket if that helps)

-       Be willing to be seen and perhaps not agreed with in your decisions and choices

-       Be willing to stand up for yourself – to stand in your Truth and to speak for what you believe in

-       Every once in a while – check in as you evolve, your cocktail of collaborative tools may change

-       Be loving, accepting, compassionate and kind as you find your way to your unique path

I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas about what mix works for you at this time in your life.

With much love and light, 

Brenda Dowell

Misty Lucas