Fear Embodied


Trauma can solidify itself in your body if it’s not processed, healed and released. 

Every one of us has suffered many kinds of physical and emotional trauma in our lives (including our births). These incidents of trauma cause an automatic, involuntary response in us that is part of our survival mechanism. Our bodies take in the energy of the trauma and it causes a dissonance in our energy, frequency and vibration. This survival response is meant to be a temporary protective device in our lives but If we don’t release that trauma soon, the energy can get stuck and begin to create a tightening of the connective tissue.  This leads to the possibility of fear solidifying itself in our bodies as unconscious physical and emotional patterns.

These patterns keep us in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’ and our bodies hold these patterns while recognizing that they aren’t congruent with our true selves. As we keep these traumas pushed down inside, our physical bodies brace to hold the patterns while allowing us to function day to day. This process takes a lot of energy. The battle within us is on-going, under the surface and exhausting as it creates more and more tightening of the internal structures of our bodies.

In my life, I’ve recognized and continue to work on old limiting patterns and beliefs that trigger me from years and years ago. I constantly remind myself to be loving and kind as I begin to look within. Accessing this trauma for healing requires me to do the inner explorations to be able to feel and heal these past traumatic events. It’s very challenging, scary at times and consistently hard work.  As I allow this process, on the other side – it is very rewarding in how it frees me up both physically and emotionally.

Some of the ways I have found that help me do this work are:

-          Getting very quiet and being present with my body and my feelings (no tv, radio or internet)

-          Meditating

-          Walking in Nature in silence to listen the internal dialogue

-          Yoga

-          Myofascial Release

-          Talking to close friends and family (who hold space but don’t try to fix me)

-          Give myself permission to feel and to cry

Our bodies and minds are incredible. They work to keep us safe, healthy and prepared for life everyday.

Dealing with fear and past trauma is a lifetime process and invitation to get to know yourself – to recognize what isn’t working in your body and in your life – and open your heart and mind to finding answers to heal and release these traumas. We must let them rise to be able to feel them before we can heal them.

Are you ready to free up the fear that may be paralyzing you physically or emotionally in your life?