Thank you Thank you


As we head into September and routine, I’m reminded of my formal education and all the spectacular teachers I’ve been blessed to have along the way. These people helped shape my early life experience and made learning fun while encouraging curiosity. This has fueled an inquisitive life long process of learning.

I’ve had incredible, open-minded teachers who even today as I think of them, make my heart smile. I’ve also had teachers in ‘higher education’ give their opinions/teachings and when I was asked to write essays on the subject, was punished for sharing a differing point of view. I was a quick study though – and on the next (and every essay after that) reiterated what was taught in my own words. Not surprisingly, my marks went up (or maybe my essay skills improved?)

I believe the best teachers open the doors – plant the seeds – encourage the imagination while giving the information/insights on the subject matter. They stimulate independent thinking and honour opinions differing from their own. 

As an adult, I’m still so curious and wanting to learn more. I seek out and have found close friends and formal teachers who don’t give me the answers but ‘force me’ to think for myself, research what I don’t understand, share their perspectives while owning them, and encourage me to listen to the truth for me from the resonance it has on me. I’m very blessed and grateful.

The other thing I’ve really come to embrace and continue to work with is Life itself as the biggest teacher for me. Reflecting on circumstances, situations, relationships and family dynamics with an open heart and open mind, constantly inspires and humbles me as it teaches me about myself, my patterns and my beliefs. Life is amazing and challenging and wonderful and hard at times.

So, from my willingness to learn, thank you to all my teachers. I am grateful. 
I hope this has taught you something or at least given you pause to think about who your most influential teachers are and why?

Much love and light,


Misty Lucas