It’s that time of year again, where we can choose to believe. We can take some time to assess and re-assess our lives to consider what works; what doesn’t work and where we wish to change things.

Choosing to ‘believe’ it can be different or it can be better is an opportunity to re-configure old locked in patterns. It’s a chance to let go or shift rigid ideas and closed-minded thoughts.

So, the question becomes – where in my thoughts, ideas, patterns and ways of being do I react and continue down old pathways that lead to worn out roads and strained relationships. In assessing, what works and what is stuck in a knee-jerk pattern, we must allow for our humanness. We must be willing to forgive our faults, our mistakes and our slips. In that forgiving, we keep our hearts and minds open, beginning the inner work to unravel the threads – to re-construct a new way of being.

It’s challenging to change known and comfortable ways of being (even if they continue to bring discomfort and/or pain). It’s usually passive and requires very little thought or time to allow old inner programs to run. But, if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten – is that what you want?

Maybe it’s time to set yourself and your life up for greater potential and opportunity to expand your vision and journey.

This holiday season – gift yourself – time, forgiveness and expectancy. 

-       Time to assess with an open heart and mind

-       Forgiveness for all that’s come before. Make amends and step forward.

-       Expectancy – all this or something better. 

Take one thing – that isn’t sparking your inner fire – and consider changing something – anything – that feels right to you. Without expectation, stay open to signs and signals for what comes in differently. Be open to the discomfort of it being different from what you know or what you expect.

You may surprise yourself.

Your life may surprise you.

Are you willing to be surprised?

Misty Lucas