Happy Holidays

From my Heart to Yours as we integrate this fast-paced 2018:


May this holiday season uplift your energy to levels unfelt before

May you know the immense beauty and boundlessness of your Heart

May you believe in the limitless potential of your Spirit


May you be guided by authenticity and kindness

May Truth become a constant ally as you source the depth of who you are

May You find Yourself living fully from the luminosity of your Soul


May this time of year allow you spaciousness and inner peace

May you find acceptance for yourself and others as you reflect

May you know the goodness of other people


May you Trust in the Magic and the Mystery

May you develop an incredible belief about your Magic

May you know that you are the Mystery


May your Shadows teach you in the gentlest way possible

May you learn. heal and release what does not serve you

May your heart be open to loving and being loved


May you know what you are passionate about

May you find the courage to follow those passions

May you be fearless in letting go of what blocks that path


May you find yourself in the company of those you can FLY with

May you witness the unfolding of love as it expands

May you delve into the spaces deep within that shine the brightest


May you uncover the Truth of who you are

May you forgive yourself & others with an open heart

May you never lose the magic that enriches your life


May you be inspired

May you be empowered

May you know - without a doubt – that YOU are LOVED!


From my heart to yours, I am so grateful for your presence in my life


with much love & light



Misty Lucas