New Paths, Old Paths, Winding Paths

‘Bloom/Grow Where You are Planted’ (from Corinthians) is something I’ve heard and to a point have lived by its’ principle – but what if you outgrow the need for the garden?

There are so many paths I’ve taken in life – so many opportunities – so many challenges and missteps – so many gifts. And, I am grateful. Each path I’ve take or garden that I’ve seeded – has truly taught me more about myself and what my inner work is in this life.

Paths of Exploration and Travel have taught me and continue to teach me to not fear the unknown; to jump in with both feet and face the fear; to get out of my comfort zone; to look for adventures; to see beauty; to accept so much difference in the world and in people; to judge less and love more.

Paths of Purpose and Work continue to teach me about educating myself beyond formal schools so that I can accumulate vaster knowledge and learn ways to integrate that information into experiences so that I can live from its wisdom and teach from that authentic place.

Paths of Family (birth and chosen) continue to teach me about unconditional love and acceptance as well as the discomfort of conflict at times. Family also teaches me that I can be anything, can do anything and they will always be there. They teach me that I can’t fix anyone – to let go and trust – to learn to accept and love each other as we all try to do our best in relationship. What a rich process and I am forever grateful.

Paths of Relationship/Friendship continue to teach me to let go of societal, cultural and relational expectations. They teach me about what it is to be a friend, about healthy boundaries, about adapting to change, about living from my heart, about trust, authenticity and speaking my truth.  So many previous relationships have shown me what I want and what I don’t want – and have given me opportunity to step out of my comfort zone – to trust and follow what I know to be right for me. It’s messy – it’s challenging – it’s invaluable.

Path to Truth (the Inner work) teaches me vulnerability, humility and how expansive, limitless and incredible the potential around me, through me and within me becomes. I’ve learned to never give up – to walk away, walk toward or to stand my ground – but, don’t give up on myself or life. I’m learning to make more conscious choices and to take full responsibility for my life without blaming others – it’s a process. This process teaches me about taking my power back in order to live full out.

Every path I’ve chosen and those I walk now, insist that I evolve, change and allow the truest part of me to come through – to have courage to step forward (or back) fearlessly with kindness, love and gratitude. 

Thank you to everyone I’ve been in relationship to, to those I currently am and to those I have yet to create! My heart is full – my eyes are open and my Soul is ready!

What have you learned about yourself through the relationships in your life? I’d love to hear from you.

Misty Lucas