Being Fluid

We are fluid beings; in fact, we are between 55-75% water! Why do most of us find it so challenging at times to flow with life and be fluid?

Life is a wild ride of converging ideas, ideals, plans and unexpected surprises. It’s not logical or linear – in fact, nothing in Nature is linear. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m at a theme park having adventures where I have a choice on when to get on and off rides if I’ve had enough. At other times, it’s a total unpredictable screaming experience wherein I have absolutely no control. Ah yes, that loss of control which can through me into chaos and prevent me from witnessing my calculated risk. Such is life!

These opportunities have both strengthened and humbled me more than I could have imagined. They have been my greatest source of pain, disappointment, anger, inspiration, insight, learning and growth.

As humans, we get tossed around in life. How we land – how we choose to live in any moment will greatly determine our ability to integrate/assimilate information. This then affects how we step (forward, back or to the side) next in life.

Our filters, our belief systems, our life experiences all contribute to our resiliency – our tightening – our protections – our numbing out or our allowing, thus determining our fluidity in life. I believe, we all work with this to some degree.

Getting fluid – flowing more easily with life, requires awareness through some deep inner work. This intimacy with yourself will require some reflection, feeling pain, joy, a willingness to be real and authentic and admit areas of lock down and rigidity. It will also gift you with immense gratitude at discovering such a depth within and better understanding of yourself.

It means we know who we are – what we stand for – our boundaries – our passions – what we will allow in our lives at this time. From there, becoming more fluid is a response to all things arising allowing you to make more conscious choices. Being present with life and living in a more heart-centered way. It gives you a chance to ride the currents and not frustrate yourself constantly trying to push the tides back.

Fluidity doesn’t mean everything is rainbows and roses but it certainly can broaden your perspective in allowing a more expansive life experience by opening your heart and mind to a breadth of opportunity that you may otherwise overlook.

Be willing to understand yourself – know yourself – recognize your patterns - & love yourself enough to believe that no matter what shifts the sand beneath your feet, your integrity is intact and your heart and mind are open to discover different ways of being, to possibilities and potential beyond what you think you know.

You will be able to flow back to your heart more easily – to let go of things that truly do not matter and live a life from the passion of your heart as you allow more of life to flow through you.

How do you flow in life? Do you find areas of repeated rigidity? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Beaming fluid waves of love and light


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