Learning for Life

If the education you seek isn’t relevant, applicable and resonant to you and your life, it’s simply another certificate or diploma to put on the wall and gather dust. Why waste your money, your energy and your time?

Your Life is your classroom and Living is your education!

As I mature and stay curious, I feel more humbled by life and the lessons it presents to me. 

Changes in life are inevitable. Changes in ourselves are necessary to evolve and grow into the beauty that we are born to live. I believe we are meant to stay open to receive life fully – to engage whole-heartedly and to ride the waves of living as honestly as we can in the moment. We are meant to make mistakes and use them as stepping stones to raise our awareness, elevate our compassion and mine our hearts for more understanding and kindness.

We are meant to stay curious – to expand our consciousness – to open our minds and our hearts to various ideas and a variety of perspectives. To learn that we cannot always ‘win’ an argument nor are we supposed to engage every situation that we don’t agree with in life. We are meant to learn – to discern - to figure out what is most important to us and align our choices, our decisions and our lives with those virtues and beliefs.

Over the course of my formal and informal educations, I’ve made many mistakes and I’ve had many opportunities to grow. I’m learning to take responsibility for my part and let go of everything else that is not mine.  I work consistently to find the gratitude for what has come into my life and the directions that I have taken. I know, I have grown from it all and it continues to both uplift me and bring me to my knees. 

We are also meant to ‘cut ourselves some slack’ in this game of Life. We can only take in and process things as we are – as we feel. We have no idea about what is right for another, nor should we. 

This is part of our learning curve – to let go and move on without losing the lesson or getting lost and rigid in a righteous indignation. As we continue to sort through the reward and the rubble of past relationships and endeavours, we can garner more empathy and courage to live our best lives.

In the classroom of your Life, what are you learning?

Misty Lucas