Integrative Anatomy Training

DATES & DETAILS for 2019 coming soon!

This course synthesizes the vast field of anatomy to make it practical, engaging, and easy to retain.

I use a playful approach to the fascinating exploration of multi-dimensional anatomy.   

This course is a dive into the Fascia, Muscles, Bones, Ligaments, Tendons and all Connective Tissue making it easy to understand and integrate.   

You will learn therapeutic essentials, movements and techniques to modify, address and work with a wide variety of body issues.



Fascial Release & Yoga Training

Leading edge research reveals fascia is no longer considered a static sheet of connective tissue. Fascia is a living system in the body with it’s own consciousness, and ability to respond in a revolutionary way.

Details to come for 2019 training.  Stay Tuned! 


50hr Hands on Assists Training

If you’ve ever experienced an incredible hands-on assist (sometimes called adjustment) in a yoga class, you know it can be the “light bulb moment” that helped you truly understand the energy of a posture.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever received a not-so-helpful yoga adjustment (it can happen to anyone), it can be a confusing or even upsetting experience.

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